Chocolate Wasteland

The love song of Russel Stover.

The love song of Russel Stover.

February is the cruellest month, breeding
Roses for dead relationships, confusing
Obligation for the real thing.
Winter kept us coupled, disguising complacency in neglectful rhythm, faking
A little affection with rote sex.
March surprised us, coming over the St. Patrick’s Day display with a shower of green beer; we stopped in the middle of the parade
And went on to the pub crawl, and drank whiskey and talked nonsense.
Erin go bragh! Pogue mahon!
And when we were lovers, staying in the firehouse,
My best friend, she took me out to lunch
And I was wary. She said Meg,
Meg, get out now. And out we went.
At the beach, there you feel alone.
I wrote all night, and swam in the summer.

About Meg

Author, essayist, winner of the Philip K. Dick award.
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